Another Simple Question: What Caused the Little Ice Age?

By way of background, the “Little Ice Age” was a period a few hundred years ago when global surface temperatures were lower than they were before or afterwards.    You can read more about it here:

On more than one occasion, I have asked warmists “what, in your view, caused the Little Ice Age?” I have never gotten a straight answer to that question.

For me, the question is very easy to answer. (drumroll  . . . . )  I don’t know what caused the Little Ice Age. 

Why is it that warmists are afraid to admit they don’t know what caused the little ice age?  Well, their predictions of catastrophic warming are based on computer simulations.  Those simulations are based in large part on what the simulators understand (or hope they understand) about the various forces which affect the climate. 

So if simulators do not understand what caused the Little Ice Age, it follows that there is likely to be some important force which is either omitted or not accurately represented in their climate simulations.  Obviously this calls into question the results of these simulations. 

Moreover, if we don’t know what caused the Little Ice Age, we cannot rule out the possibility that the same factor (or some change in that factor) is what caused the Earth to warm in the late 20th century. 

So that’s why warmists cannot admit ignorance about the Little Ice Age.  To do so would be to admit substantial uncertainty about their core claims.


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