It’s Even Worse Than We Expected

It seems like everywhere I turn, I see the alarmists making claims along these lines.  Given that global surface temperatures have been trending downwards for the last 10 years, one wonders what exactly they were expecting. 

Seems to me this is pretty clearly a ploy designed to create a sense of panic.  Why would the alarmists want to create panic?  Well, besides the usual reasons of getting attention, funding, and prestige, it seems to me they are faced with a problem which is that evidence is starting to mount that their predictions were wrong.

If temperatures continue to trend downwards, then eventually the alarmists will become laughingstocks.

But if the alarmists can create enough panic to get some kind of carbon-limiting treaty passed, then they can claim credit if temperatures continue to trend downwards.  So they will at least have a little fig leaf.


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